Shopify Integration

Native Shopify App

GoodSegments seamlessly integrates into your Shopify account, providing demographic and interest data anywhere you need it.

Key Details

The GoodSegments native Shopify app, available on the Shopify App Marketplace, provides you with accurate and actionable data about your customers. All right in your Shopify dashboard.

Automatic Enrichment — we'll keep all of your customers tagged with their demographic and interest attributes.

Native Shopify Tags — we add the demographic and interest data to your customer profiles via Shopify native tags. This means you can use them in Shopify's native customer filters, and in any other app that supports tags.

Real-Time Enrichment — when you add a new customer, our system will tag them in under a minute. This means you can use GoodSegments tags in your new customer email workflows.

Expanding Attribute List — we're constantly adding new attributes to the GoodSegments offering. Check out our data dictionary to see which tags we've just added.

Shopify Segments compatible — you can use GoodSegments tags to define your Shopify Customer Segments, right in the dashboard.

Shopify Email compatible — GoodSegments is fully compatible with the Shopify Email app. You can target specific demographic / interest groups or segments created with GoodSegments tags.


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Tagged Customer Profile

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Building Customer Segments

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Targeting in Shopify Email

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