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GoodSegments gives you access to high quality data about your customer base. Use this data to understand your audience, run more targeted marketing campaigns, and increase your sales.

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“GoodSegments had the answers we were looking for. Using their data, we've launched campaigns focusing on influencers whose audiences match our customers. We've seen a 3x ROAS improvement. I recommended GoodSegments to my friends in marketing.”

Nate Lagos
Director of Marketing, Original Grain

GoodSegments works with your existing stack

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Customer Tags

GoodSegments tags your customers with the following properties. Use them to take your segmentation and targeting to the next level.

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High Income Medium Income Low Income Expensive Home Standard Price Home Inexpensive Home Mortgage


Age 18-24 Age 25-34 Age 35-44 Age 45-54 Age 55-64 Age 65+

Ethnic Affinity

White Affinity Black Affinity Latino Affinity Asian Affinity Native Affinity


Male Female Democrat Republican Independent Veteran Retiree College Degree


Home Owner Renter Mobile Home Townhome Apartment Standalone Home Old Home New Home


White Collar Blue Collar Walks to Work Drives to Work Rides to Work


Urban Suburban Rural High Vacancies


Coupled Single Children


Self Improver Active Investor Online Learner Film Buff Music Lover Reader Sports Fan Gambler Politically Engaged Weight Loss Interest Fitness Buyer Cooking Enthusiast Charitable Donor Pet Owner Traveler Fashion Conscious Cosmetics Buyer DIYer Outdoor Lifestyle Tech Enthusiast

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