Klaviyo Integration

Demographics Driven Campaigns

GoodSegments brings the power of demographics to your Klaviyo campaigns, helping you drive higher interest and conversions.

Key Details

GoodSegments demographic and interest tags automatically flow from Shopify to your Klaviyo account. You can use the tags across Klaviyo to segment your customers and target them with personalized emails.

Native Shopify Tags — GoodSegments customer tags automatically appear in your Klaviyo customer properties.

Real-Time Enrichment — tags are continuously added for new customer profiles. This means you can use GoodSegments tags in your new customer email workflows.

Klaviyo Segmentation Compatible — you can use GoodSegments tags to define your Klaviyo Customer Segments, from right within the Klaviyo interface. You can mix and match between GoodSegments demographic tags and behavioral tags, such as purchase history.

Demographic Targeting Unlocked — use GoodSegments tags to run targeted email campaigns from within Klaviyo targeted email campaigns from within Klaviyo.


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Tagged Customer Profile

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Building Customer Segments

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Targeting in Klaviyo

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