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Demographic Analytics Engine

GoodSegments gives you powerful analytics tools so you can understand your customers and figure out how to sell more to them.

Key Details

GoodSegments comes with a powerful analytics engine and reporting suite that makes analyzing the demographics and interests of your audience a breeze.

Demographic Dashboard — see the full demographic structure of your customer base, and how it changes over time. Drill down to specific segments to get a highly granular view.

Interest Dashboard — understand the interests of your customer base. Do they like to read? Spend time outdoors? Watch sports? These insights can help you better understand your customers and create more effective marketing campaigns.

Understand Different Segments — GoodSegments makes it incredibly easy to analyze specific segments of your customer base, whether it's repeat buyers, Latinos Age 25-34, or any other combination of properties.

Custom Dashboards — it's super simple to create your own custom visualizations on top of the GoodSegments data. With just a few clicks you can answer any question about your customers.

Export Charts to Image — any chart can be exported to image so you can easily share them with your team via email, Slack, Teams or any other channel.


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Demographic Dashboard

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Interest Dashboard

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Filtering to Subgroups

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Building Custom Charts

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